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About Nudj

At Nudj, we believe in the power of small actions to build a better world. Our app is full of climate-positive lifestyle challenges, like switching to a meatless meal every Monday or riding your bike to and from work. Through these challenges, we help every individual on the planet make a difference and track their carbon impact in a way that works for them!

Our Partnership with HumanForest

Behind all the shiny technology, Nudj is just a bunch of real people on a mission to do good, fit sustainability into everyday life, and motivate others to join in! We love that HumanForest shares our mindset and helps make sustainability achievable and accessible for all.

To celebrate this partnership, Nudj is giving 10 riders 30 additional minutes free as part of their Instagram giveaway. Head to to find out more. Valid until the 31st of May.

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