Earth Day 2022

Being London’s most sustainable transport app, ‘Earth Day’ is our SuperBowl. Read our thoughts on what that means for a company channeling Earth Day's values every day of the year.

London, 22 April 2022:We were thinking long and hard as a Marketing team what we can do for Earth Day. While we were researching we found countless examples of brands using Earth Day as a cheap PR opportunity to try and solidify their shaky greenwashing status.

It was difficult to read, but strangely also it made the decision very easy for us.

We’re not going to be pulling off any ‘green’ PR stunts. We’re not going to be adding ‘green’ icons to our app (as they already are!). We’re not going to be turning our social media ‘green’.  

We do not believe that being green is a temporary thing.

We ARE green.

So for ‘Earth Day’ we spent the month doing what we do best. GETTING PEOPLE ON BIKES.

We ran a month long campaign called #GrowtheForest, encouraging users to try the bikes by offering a completely free day via our Instagram page. The response quite honestly has been absolutely staggering. Everyone was delighted to hear (apart from the Social Media Manager) that we sent out thousands of individual messages to Instagram users with their own unique codes to try our eBikes for the day. Giving away over £500k of potential free minutes to normal Londoners who want to make a sustainable change in their every day lifestyle.  

So that’s it. That’s our Earth ‘Day’. Our mission to grow the Forest has started, the shift to sustainable transport has well and truly begun.

Here at HumanForest we’re seeing growth quicker than we ever thought possible and the reality is that it’s not about us. It’s about the people you can see above in the HumanForest community that have made a conscious sustainably led decision to join us and make London a better place.

If you haven't used your 24 hour unlimited free rides code, then you have until the end of April before it expires. If you haven't been given one then head to our Instagram to see how to get one.

The HumanForest Team.

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