HumanForest teams up with GoCardless for their Race to Nature event

HumanForest is supporting GoCardless by creating bespoke HumanForest minutes codes for GoCardless employees
  • HumanForest is supporting GoCardless by creating bespoke HumanForest minutes codes for GoCardless employees
  • The two companies share a belief in the importance of educating and empowering people to make environmentally conscious choices
  • Both companies are aligned in their membership of Tech Zero

London, 22 June 2022: HumanForest is delighted to support GoCardless, a UK based payment technology company, with their most recent epic sustainability initiative ‘Race to Nature’. Race to Nature sets ambitious targets for GoCardless staff to collectively walk, run, push, cycle or swim 15,000KM over a ten week period. 

GoCardless will be supporting their staff by gifting them all extra HumanForest minutes to use to clock-up extra cycling kilometres. Employees can even stack up codes in the hope multiple rides will help them reach the overall 15,000km goal. 

GoCardless has committed to funding several awesome environmental initiatives if their employees reach the 15,000km target; planting 3000 Trees, protecting rainforest elephants for 20 days, training 10 teachers to deliver the Innovate for Climate courses in schools and restoring five UK kelp forests.

The ‘Race to Nature’ initiative is part of GoCardless’s wider net zero Action Plan which lays out a clear plan for achieving net-zero by 2035. The team at HumanForest are proud to be playing a part in GoCardless’ creative sustainability campaign and their wider net-zero agenda. HumanForest is a true believer in the power of individuals to work together to make a much larger impact, especially when it comes to the environment. Our free daily minutes empower users to easily and affordably reduce their carbon footprint whilst our app helps educate them in the benefits of ongoing, planet friendly choices. 

One of the HumanForest team, Charlie, attended the company’s Race to Nature Webinar on 21st June to communicate the HumanForest offering. Charlie joined Jim Holland (Rewards.Earth), Walid Al Saqqaf (Rebalance Earth), Aretha Thompson (Green the UK) and Freddie Norton (Apps for Good) on a panel discussion. Charlie offered her thoughts on both the environmental benefits of using HumanForest, and eBikes more broadly, as well as the health and wellness advantages.

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