Let's grow the HumanForest together!

London, March 24th 2022

What happens in Spring? Stuff grows. Every year without fail, as the days get longer you start to see green shoots emerging from the soil. Yes i know… even in London.  

Just like those spring shoots, the HumanForest community is emerging. The premise is simple. By using HumanForest you essentially become a tree. Yes you heard that right. Trees suck CO2 out of the air in the same way that replacing petrol powered transport options with clean energy will reduce the level of pollution in London.

Growing the forest has been quite a journey so far.  We started off by putting a few eBikes on the streets, completely powered by electricity from renewable sources, to see if London took to them. They clearly did, as we have tripled the number of HumanForest eBikes in London over the last 6 months.

But this is only the start, our ambition is to make a significant difference in London. More and more bikes, less and less cars. Simple. But we understand that humans are creatures of habit, many of us do the same commute for years and years. It can be difficult to mix it up and try something new.

Sometimes we just need a little helping hand.  

So to help create more ‘trees’ and grow the forest, we are giving everyone in London unlimited rides for 24 hours throughout April. Take as many rides as you desire in a 24 hour period. You could replace your crowded commute, with a cruise in the fresh air or plan a 24 hour mega adventure, it doesn’t matter to us, we will sleep well reassured that an extra person in London is travelling sustainably.

Get in touch with us on Instagram by tagging a friend on our latest post, we can send you a code to help you become a tree.

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