HumanForest creates its new Challenges Scheme to encourage sustainable wellbeing amongst its riders

HumanForest will use the software behind its TreeCoin loyalty program to launch its new Challenges Scheme
  • HumanForest will use the software behind its TreeCoin loyalty program to launch its new Challenges Scheme
  • The first Challenge, the ‘CO2 Saver’ will take place from 17 January 2022 to 23 January 2022
  • These Challenges will measure three key metrics; CO2 saved, time spent outdoors and kilojoules of energy burnt
  • Winners will be rewarded with TreeCoins, allowing them to continue to ride for free across London

17 January 2022: Following the launch of its TreeCoin loyalty scheme in November 2021, HumanForest has launched its first challenge, the ‘CO2 Saver’, which aims to encourage each user to avoid emitting one kilo of CO2 by riding HumanForest e-bikes.

HumanForest's aim with its first set of challenges is to raise awareness amongst its riders, or "Treenions", of the wider impact that their cycling is having on the environment, as well as their mental and physical health. By opting into these challenges, each rider will be able to monitor the amount of CO2 they have saved from being emitted, the hours they have spent in the great outdoors and the amount of energy they have burned through cycling.

The winners of each of these three categories; 'CO2 Saver', 'Outside Rider' and 'Energy Burner' will be rewarded with TreeCoins within their HumanForest app. The winner of the first challenge, launching today, will receive ten free TreeCoins. One TreeCoin equates to one minute extra free riding for the user.

Over the coming weeks, the next two categories will be launched with different goals and prizes. By staggering the challenges and switching up the rewards, HumanForest hopes to maintain the riders’ drive to jump in the saddle whilst also bringing to life the different ways that cycling benefits us and our environment.

Collectively, the CO2 saved during these challenges (by users choosing to cycle instead of using carbon emitting forms of transport) will contribute to HumanForest's goal of avoiding up to 20 tons of Carbon from being released into London's air this week. This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 all the trees in St James’ Park consume in one year!

London’s most affordable and sustainable shared micro mobility provider has again collaborated with Bulgarian gamification software provider, StriveCloud, to create this fun, interactive and innovative way of engaging with consumers. Working with StriveCloud provides a unique opportunity to capitalise on the extensive research that has been conducted regarding how gamification acts as a catalyst for customer engagement.

Michael Stewart, co-founder and Head of Marketing said: “This is a great way to start the new year! We have built a fun and creative way to show our Treenions how their mobility decisions directly impact both their health, and the air quality of our beautiful city. We believe that these Challenges are a fresh way to bring to life the positive social impact we, as a community, are having through HumanForest! The aim of the scheme is to encourage HumanForest riders to understand the great impact that their transport decisions are having on both themselves and the environment they live in.”

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