HumanForest launches digital marketing partnership with Earth & Wheat

London’s only truly green micro-mobility firm has partnered with Earth & Wheat, the UK’s first wonky bread box, to encourage its riders to fight food waste.
  • HumanForest is partnering with Earth & Wheat to educate users on the scale of food waste in the UK and the impacts this has on both climate and food poverty
  • Earth & Wheat is the UK’s first wonky bread box, rescuing baked goods that would be wasted at the point of production and delivering fresh to customers by next-day delivery
  • HumanForest users will have access to an exclusive discount on Earth & Wheat’s wonky bread subscription

London, 2nd February 2022: HumanForest has partnered with Earth & Wheat, the UK’s first wonky bread subscription box.

Earth & Wheat is the latest of HumanForest corporate partners, joining the roster of companies who have marketed within the HumanForest app including Nutmeg, Bloomberg, Oddbox and Huddle. HumanForest’s digital marketing model facilitates their unique offering of ten minutes free riding daily to all its customers.

Research shows that consumers are increasingly motivated by the provenance and sustainability credentials of the products they purchase, with Millenials and Gen Z leading this trend. Earth & Wheat will be using in-app impressions within the HumanForest platform to connect with HumanForest’s community of sustainably-minded users and draw their attention to their unique offering.

There is great brand alignment between HumanForest and Earth & Wheat, who share a similar sense of mission and purpose.HumanForest seeks to encourage more users to make planet friendly decisions when it comes to mobility, whilst Earth & Wheat rescues ultra-fresh baked goods from bakeries which would have otherwise been binned due to their odd size or unattractive appearance. This includes items such as crumpets, tortillas, pancakes, flatbreads, naan breads and more.

Earth & Wheat is passionate about conveying the importance of reducing food waste and the impact disused produce has on the environment. For each delivered box, Earth & Wheat also donates a meal to a food bank, directly fighting food poverty in addition to tackling food waste.

HumanForest is proud to work with innovative partners who share HumanForest’s vision of a cleaner, happier and healthier world, and fully support Earth & Wheat’s waste reduction goal.The partnership will build awareness of the problem of food waste and highlight the Earth & Wheat subscription boxes to a community of climate-conscious consumers, whilst also facilitating HumanForest’s free rides for Londoners.

To celebrate the partnership, HumanForest users will receive an exclusive discount on their first box of wonky bread. Using the code FOREST15, all users will be entitled to 15% off their first order. The partnership commenced on 31st January 2022 for an initial period of three months.

Laura Elms, Head of Partnerships and Sustainability, said: “HumanForest are delighted to be working with Earth & Wheat. Like HumanForest, Earth & Wheat have sustainability at their core. The company is doing amazing work to reduce food waste and we strongly believe that the HumanForest community of riders will be a great audience for their wonderful bread boxes. Another awesome brand to have onboard as we continue to grow our digital marketing offering across such a great range of partners.”

James Eid, founder of Earth & Wheat, said: “Food waste plays a significant role to the detriment of our environment. Today, around one third of all food produced goes to waste. Now is the time to fight food waste at the point of production, and Earth & Wheat is pleased to partner with HumanForest to get our mission across London. The more food we rescue from going to waste, the more sustainable our planet becomes. We welcome all HumanForest riders to join our fight.”


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