HumanForest partners with companies to help staff return to work sustainably post-plan B

London’s first truly green micro-mobility firm has partnered with West London based workspace provider Romulus across their campus.
  • HumanForest has designed and created bespoke corporate plans for companies to give their staff and members extra free minutes riding daily on HumanForest electric bikes
  • Romulus will offer all its employees, occupiers and coworking members 20 minutes free riding every day on Humanforest e-bikes
  • HumanForest’s corporate dashboard will provide Romulus with the amount of CO2 their employees and members have been able to save by choosing to ride with HumanForest
  • Two HumanForest “Green Bays” will be situated within Romulus’ Campus to facilitate free parking and convenient access to the e-bikes

London, 24 January 2022: HumanForest has formed a new partnership with London-based property company, Romulus, to facilitate free and sustainable travel for their employees and workspace members. 

The partnership launches in light of last week’s government guidance to encourage employees to make the transition back to the physical workplace post-Covid 19. As a leading employer based in West London, Romulus is a keen adopter of innovative solutions and, for them, the fact that HumanForest e-bikes are inherently socially distanced means the transition back to the ‘new normal’ can be made in a healthier way. 

The partnership sits within the context of significantly higher cycling rates across the capital since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a growing interest in the power and flexibility of shared mobility solutions in the capital. Moreover, companies are increasingly recognising the benefit of encouraging healthy habits amongst their workforce with cycling having been seen to boost mental, as well as physical, health by reducing anxiety and boosting productivity. 

At the same time, working communities nationwide are on the hunt for affordable ways to reduce their corporate Scope 3 emissions, whilst also drawing staff back into the workplace. The HumanForest offering provides an affordable, accessible and sustainable way for people to move across the city whilst also providing the type of health and wellness perk that employees have come to expect from top employers. 

Romulus’ Hammersmith Campus provides a complete range of workspaces, from hourly desk bookings to bespoke office studios. Complete with coffee shops, gyms, showers, meeting rooms and event spaces, this Campus, in the heart of West London, provides spaces designed to allow entrepreneurs and businesses to flexibly adapt to the new post COVID-19 ways of working. 

The partnership will begin on 24 January for an initial trial period of three months.

Laura Elms, Head of Sales & Partnerships at HumanForest, said: “London’s offices are returning to life and our truly sustainable e-bikes offer the perfect alternative to commuting by tube, train or bus. Our partnership with Romulus is part of our broader commitment to building a cleaner, greener London for all and we are excited to have Huddle on board as our first workspace partnership. Our e-bikes will be even more affordable and accessible for Romulus’ employees and Huddle’s members, providing them with a cheap and fun way to travel around London whilst avoiding CO2 emissions. We hope this partnership will help encourage people to reForest London, one pedal at a time.”

Alexander Woolf, Strategy Director at Romulus said: “We are excited to be encouraging our members and occupiers to adapt to post COVID ways of working in an environmentally-led way. HumanForest offers a great way for the users and visitors of our spaces to travel from and between home and work more flexibly than ever before.”

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