Become part of HumanForest DNA by helping us name our eBikes

London, 12th May 2022: Excitement is building in the HumanForest offices this morning! For ages we've wanted to give our eBikes names as we often feel like they have separate personalities that even the newest HumanForest riders can sense.

We saw an opportunity with our latest batch of bikes so got permission to hold back 100 for a few days and came up with a plan.

We want to use the new eBikes to honour climate change activists who have paved the way in raising climate awareness. What better way to pay tribute than to give them their own little piece of real estate in London, displayed for thousands to see each day.

So over to you, the HumanForest community. Let us know your suggestions via commenting on our Instagram post, next week we’ll pick out our favourite 50 and get them printed on the eBikes for all of London to see.

Oh and one more thing.

If we choose your suggestion we will give you 7 days of unlimited free rides.

It doesn't end there. If your suggestion makes is smile then we will send you a code for 24 hours, and ALL other name suggestions get 1 hour free.

You can also help us pick the winners by commenting or liking your favourite nominations :)

Jack, HumanForest

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