Our Story

HumanForest is London’s first free sustainable mobility solution, designed to get our great city moving again. Our e-bikes are beautiful, functional, electric, dockless, free for the first 10 minutes of each user’s daily journey and represent a healthy lifestyle choice.

By opting to make their daily journey on a HumanForest e-bike, Londoners signal their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and improving our city’s air quality. Working together they become, in essence, a Human Forest.

Agustín Guilisasti, formerly of Cabify, one of the biggest ridesharing networks in the Spanish- and Portugese-speaking world and the first mobility company to offset its carbon footprint, moved to London to complete his Master of Data Science and wished to familiarise himself with his vibrant new city. Frustrated by the limited and expensive last mile solutions available to him, he was inspired to create HumanForest, a free sustainable transport movement that everyone can access and enjoy.

Inspired by a trip to the Amazonas, we wanted to bring the forest to the city, 
“ but a different kind of forest where humans are the trees”.

HumanForest is an exciting new offering at the forefront of sustainable micro-mobility, uniquely positioned to furnish the transport needs of Londoners now and in the future, informed by cutting edge technology and an intense familiarity with the mobility market.

A forward-thinking, inclusive mobility movement, harnessing the potential of people to work with nature to improve its longevity. HumanForest.