User Manual

1. Joining the Movement

Riding on a free e-bike and helping contribute to a sustainable future for London sound good?

Join us by downloading the HumanForest App (App) on your phone and completing our quick account registration. Use your email to create your HumanForest account, then you will receive an email confirmation link to verify your email and complete your registration.

Click here for the Apple App Store and clickhere for the Google Play store. You can search for HumanForest in both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

1.1 How do I find an e-bike near me?

Open the App to find an e-bike. A map of the area you’re in will open and all the e-bikes close by will be shown as tree icons. Touch the nearest tree to you and information about the e-bike will be displayed, including its location. Touch the arrow next to the street address to connect through to Google Maps for directions on how to locate the e-bike.

1.2 What do I do if there are no e-bikes near me?

Zoom out on the map to search a wider area. Touch the nearest tree icon to reserve an e-bike so it is ready and waiting for you when you get there. Touch the arrow next to the street address to connect through to Google Maps for directions.

2.1 Unlocking

Once you have located a HumanForest e-bike, to unlock you can:

• scan the QR-code (using your camera phone);
• open the App and enter the QR-code; or
• open the App, touch the closest tree icon to you and select rent.

Once you have unlocked your HumanForest e-bike, adjust the seat if needed, jump on and start your journey.

Your free 20 minutes daily will start once you unlock the e-bike. See Cost below for more information.

The HumanForest team performs regular maintenance on our e-bikes. However, we recommend that you always:

• Check the conditions of your tyres, that your pedals are attached properly, adjust the seat to the appropriate height for you, and test your brakes and lights before riding;
• Spray the e-bike with the disinfectant spray provided; and
• Check the battery. At a glance, the white ring around the tree icon shows the battery’s approx. remaining capacity. The exact percentage is displayed when you select a specific e-bike. E-bikes with less than 10% battery will not be available for hire.

You can ride in and out of any London borough although during the trial phase, you can only end your ride in the London Borough of Islington. From August you will be able to end your ride across Central London (we'll keep you updated). The App map sets out the permitted parking zones within each Borough.

2.4 Pausing my ride

During your hire period, and depending on your location, you may pause your ride, by touching ‘P Mode’ within the App. You can pause for unlimited time and will be charged £0.12p per minute. The App will indicate where you can and cannot pause your ride. You must not cause any disruption if you pause your ride and ensure that the footpath remains clear.

2.5 Parking

During the trial phase, it is important that you only park your HumanForest e-bike within Islington, as identified in the App map.

Please do not park outside the approved zones, including:
• Cycle or pedestrian walkways/pathways
• Accessibility ramps
• Hospital entrances
• Fire stations
• Inside gated communities
• No parking zones

You will not be able to lock the bike if you park outside Islington, and you will continue to be charged for the use of the e-bike if you do so. You will also be asked to upload a photo of your e-bike.

2.6 Locking

Once you have found an appropriate park within Islington, lock the e-bike in your App by simply sliding the icon END YOUR RIDE to the right. You will be asked to take a photo of the e-bike and then will receive a confirmation message and email that the e-bike has been successfully locked.

Please note there is no physical lock for a HumanForest e-bike. Please do not lock a HumanForest e-bike with a physical lock.

3. Cost

3.1 Free 20 minutes daily

You are entitled to 20 minutes riding, free of charge, every day.

The 20 minutes can be used on an unlimited number of trips per day (e.g. anything from 20, 1 minute rides to one, 20 minute ride and every combination in between). At 11.59 pm each day those minutes will expire. The free 20 minutes daily are not cumulative.

3.2 After the daily free 20 minutes

After your free 20 minutes daily have been used, it costs £0.12p per minute.

We're currently in the trial phase but watch this space, as our partners are going to hook you up with additional free minutes....!

3.3 How to pay

When you download the App and create an account, you will be prompted to add a payment method to your account.

Simply enter your credit or debit card details to pay for each ride with your card.

3.4 Relocation fees

While we're in the trial phase, you will not be able to finish the ride and lock your e-bike unless you are in the London Borough of Islington. E-bikes left outside Islington, will be subject to charges (see Abandoning the e-bike).

3.5 Do I get a ride receipt?

Yes, you will be emailed a summary when your ride ends. A receipt is available within the App. These will be accessible in your account under INVOICES. Please note that it may take a few days for your credit or debit card to be charged.

3.6 Do I have to pay if the e-bike is stolen?

You will only be held accountable if you failed to lock the e-bike properly when your ride ended, and the e-bike is stolen as a result. You are responsible for the e-bike from the time the e-bike is unlocked to the time the e-bike is locked again.

3.7 Abandoning the e-bike

You must not abandon a HumanForest e-bike. E-bikes that are left stationary for over 20 minutes mid-journey journey, and not paused, are treated as abandoned. You will be locked out from the e-bike and our team will retrieve it from its location. You will be charged up to £200 to recover and retrieve the e-bike. If the e-bike is lost, stolen or damaged you will be liable for up to £2,000.

4. Partners

We're still in the trial phase so watch this space.......

5 Safety

5.1 Preconditions to riding

At HumanForest, our commitment is to you and to our planet. It is very important to us that when you ride a HumanForest e-bike, you do so safely.

There are a couple of preconditions you must meet in order to ride a HumanForest e-bike:

• You must be at least 18 years of age (or any older age legally required under local law to bind yourself legally to these terms); and
• You must be able to safely and competently use the e-bikes.

5.2 Helmets

Although helmet laws vary by region, country and city, we strongly recommend wearing one. It should be fitted and fastened according to the instructions of the manufacturer. In the event that a helmet is required by law, you must wear one if those laws apply to you.

Please remember that helmets and other protective gear, including high visibility clothing, are not a guarantee against personal injury.

If you choose not to wear a helmet and are injured, you chose to take that risk and HumanForest is not responsible for how you ride the e-bike.

5.3 Respect and follow traffic laws

When riding a HumanForest e-bike, you must:

  • Respect all traffic rules, including stopping at red lights and stop signs
  • Where possible, use bike lanes
  • Ride in the direction of traffic
  • Avoid parked cars
  • Yield to pedestrians and give them priority at zebra crossings
  • Use your brakes carefully and mindfully
  • Stay well back from buses and other large vehicles, who may have lower visibility
  • Utilise hand signals when turning
  • Do not make assumptions that drivers and pedestrians will see you
  • Only use your phone for directions and ensure it is safely secured within the mobile phone holder attached to the handlebars
  • Do not ride on the pavement
  • Be alert, and aware of traffic congestion
  • Be aware of blindspots, congestion and changing weather conditions

6 Troubleshooting

6.1 Unable to unlock e-bike

If you have selected the tree icon with the App map, scanned the QR-Code using your camera phone or entered the QR-Code into the App but the e-bike will not unlock, the e-bike may be under maintenance or in use by others. We are sorry for the inconvenience and ask that you please choose another HumanForest e-bike nearby.

6.2 Unable to lock e-bike

There may be a very short delay between ending your ride and the App acknowledging it. Your phone reception may impact this. Try to move your e-bike a few metres and touch END THE RIDE in the new location.

If you remain unable to lock your e-bike, check that you are not in a zone that prevents you from ending your ride (i.e. outside Islington).

If you are within a permitted parking zone but still unable to lock your e-bike please contact us immediately and we will come and do it for you for no charge.

6.3 Can I end my ride if my phone battery is dead?

You must use your phone to end your ride and lock the e-bike, otherwise, the HumanForest team will have to do it for you and you will be charged the usual £0.12p per minute fee plus a locking fee of £5. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ride has ended successfully. The e-bike is your responsibility until the HumanForest team is able to lock it for you.

7 Reporting and Complaints

7.1 Reporting a damaged or faulty e-bike

If you encounter a HumanForest e-bike that is damaged or you are concerned is faulty, you can report damages by touching the REPORT DAMAGE button in the App. Please simply select another HumanForest e-bike to reserve and ride.

If you need to report damages after your ride, please get in touch with us using the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre can be reached via the telephone icon in the top right-hand corner of the App.

7.4 Feedback

We're in the trial phase and so please do bear with us. As we go through this phase, your feedback has never been more important. We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us using the Contact Centre. The Contact Centre can be reached via the telephone icon in the top right-hand corner of the App.