We’ve partnered with The Great Reserve to help reforest the UK

London-based eBike provider Forest has partnered with The Great Reserve, their new carbon off-setting partner.

We’ve made it even more rewarding for Londoners to ride our Forest eBikes. Now with every ride you take, you’re helping us reforest the UK through our new partnership with ‘The Great Reserve’. 

This March, we’re introducing thousands of brand new blue and green eBikes to help even more Londoner’s travel across the city emissions free. We’re celebrating this new fleet with our new partnership with The Great Reserve, a charity aiming to plant over 100,000 Giant Sequoia (as well as native varieties) in a network of forests in the UK, including Abergavenny, Wales.

About our new bikes

Our new fleet of bikes will be made to look like planet earth; covered in green stickers representing major forests across the globe. This includes Mao Forest in Kenya, Kaingaroa Forest in New Zealand and Black Forest in Germany. It also includes a relatively smaller and ever-growing forest in Wales that Forest themselves are helping plant.

These bikes will be made up of thousands of brand new bikes as well as rebranding our blue ‘River’ bikes. These new bikes will be hitting the streets of London from the end of February, with brand new brown air tyres for more comfortable rides. These bikes will also feature new phone holders from mid-March, making navigating around the city easy with even more bikes to choose from.

Our previous charity partnerships

Forest isn’t new to fundraising. August last year we partnered with The Rivers Trust, a UK charity aiming to protect the UK’s waterways. We donated 5% of revenue from every ride to the ‘Rivers Buffers’ Campaign, which aims to create wildlife corridors along all rivers in the UK through providing shelter and food for wildlife and improving water quality. We did this through introducing ‘River’ bikes, bright blue bikes featuring The River’s Trust logo. 

This partnership raised over £30,000, exceeding our expected donation by 100% thanks to the popular uptake of our River Bikes since launching. 

Laura Elms, Forest’s Head of Sustainability, said: “It has been fantastic to see what our River Bikes have achieved. Not only has our donation made a lasting impact on the UK’s rivers, it’s connected our riders with our sustainability mission. 

As a business, we don’t claim to be solving the world’s climate issues but we do believe we can run our company in a way that is aligned with a greener future for our planet. 

We take proactive steps to reduce our impact and where we still have emissions we work with offsetting organisations and other charities that are UK based and which we can visit first hand. With this in mind, it’s a pleasure to launch our partnership with The Great Reserve and use our offsets to help grow a real forest! And what better way to bring this to life than on the bike itself with our new planet inspired design!”  

The impact of The Great Reserve’s work

As our pop-up partnership with The River’s Trust comes to an end, we’re excited to welcome ‘The Great Reserve’ with our new planet earth design. 

Giant Sequoias are the largest species of trees on our planet, with one tree growing big enough to capture an entire lifetime carbon footprint for one person. A Sequoia Grove can capture up to 10 times more CO2 per acre than a natural UK woodland over the period of 100 years, with this figure increasing over time. They’re also endangered species - currently on the IUCN Endangered Species Red List and are in need of protection. 

As well as Giant Sequoias, The Great Reserve are also planting native trees and other conifers at their UK locations, improving biodiversity whilst protecting this endangered species. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new partnership and look forward to sharing even more exciting news about this partnership. Watch this space 👀…

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