Let's #reForest London!

In a Forest, trees capture CO2.
In a HumanForest you avoid emitting CO2.

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A cleaner, healthier, happier world is possible, one pedal at a time

As a tree removes CO2 from the atmosphere, people opting to make their journey on a HumanForest e-bike emit zero greenhouse gases.

Working together, trees and people can drastically reduce the amount of CO2 in the air – they become a HumanForest.

Daily 10 minutes free

No branches attached treenions!
Every day, every HumanForest user will get 10 minutes absolutely free.

Once your 10 minutes is up, it's £0.17 per minute.

The HumanForest difference

Electric fleet
Our operational fleet is composed exclusively of electric vehicles.
Renewable energy
Every battery is charged with
certified renewable energy.
Zero emission operation
Our commitment is to you and the planet.
Together, we have avoided nearly
26.0 tonnes
of CO2

Equivalent to planting

26.0 tonnes


We’re on a mission to build happier and healthier cities for all, reForesting our urban environment one e-bike at a time.

Join the movement

Download the HumanForest App to find an e-bike near you.

Start riding for £0 daily


Scan the QR code or select an e-bike, then slide to ‘reForest’ to unlock.
Your first 10 minutes daily are completely free of charge!

£0.17 per minute thereafter.


Once you have parked responsibly, please slide ‘End’ to lock the eBike then take a photo of the eBike to complete the ride.

Ending your ride outside a Green Bay (as marked in the App), will incur an extra charge.

Join the movement
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