HumanForest is B Corp accredited

HumanForest’s commitment to the environment and society has been recognised, achieving B Corp accreditation with a score of 98.5.

HumanForest, a truly sustainable micro-mobility platform, has become an accredited B Corp after one year of operation.

HumanForest scored 98.5 points following a rigorous application process, answering more than 300 questions concerning every area of the company across the five impact areas including community, customers, environment, governance and workers. 

HumanForest plays an important role in supporting a modal shift away from cars. 30% of its trips replace car journeys and since the scheme launched last year, its users have avoided 220 tons of CO2 from being emitted into London’s air. 

Through its unique advertising platform, all HumanForest users are entitled to 10 minutes of free cycling daily, leading to high bike utilisation rates and 1.3m trips being completed in the last year.  

Out of the 1,600 B Corp certified businesses based in the UK, HumanForest is one of two micro-mobility companies to achieve this status and the only London-based micro mobility firm.

The company is headed up by former-Cabify lead, Agustin Guilisasti, and backed by Cabify founders, Juan de Antonio and Vicente Pascual. The entire operation is run out of its ‘Greenhouse’ in Southwark where the company’s 60 employees are based. 

Agustin Guilisasti, CEO & Founder at HumanForest said:  

We are disrupting the shared micro mobility industry in a responsible way, building a company that is a force for good in the communities where we operate. HumanForest was founded on the principle of sustainability mobility, it is core to everything we do.  B Corp offers a tangible and transparent framework  for keeping businesses accountable and setting industry benchmarks. Becoming certified is a testament to the work our team continuously puts into this journey of becoming the most responsible version of ourselves.”  

Laura Elms, Head of Partnerships & Sustainability at HumanForest said: 

“This certification is a nod to HumanForest’s guiding mission of bringing affordable and sustainable mobility to communities. We believe in the value of the private sector as a force for good when we all act responsibly holding the planet, people and communities in mind. With that spirit of collaboration in mind, we are so excited to see HumanForest join the BCorp community. However, our work is far from over - we will continue to innovate, adapt and develop our services to ensure we continue to be the most sustainable micro mobility company in the world!”

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