We care about your safety

Here are our tips for a safe ride!

Wear a helmet

We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet while you ride.

Check the e-bike

We regularly test the e-bikes and do maintenance as needed, but please always check your tyres and adjust your seat to the best height for you.

Mind your brakes

Please pay special attention to your brakes. Test them before you ride and use them carefully.

Respect and follow traffic laws

Please observe all traffic laws when riding and use bike lanes, where possible.

Be alert

Watch the road and be mindful of your surroundings. Always make yourself visible, avoid other vehicles’ blind spots, be aware of large vehicles turning and take extra care when passing parked cars.

Park responsibly

The app makes it easy to end the ride, park and lock the e-bike. Please always park your e-bike within the permitted parking zones as designated by the app. Do not park the e-bike in a way that obstructs pedestrians, cars or accessibility ramps.