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We have 100 bikes that need a name! We want to pay tribute to climate change heroes and the HumanForest community.

Have a think about who has gone above and beyond for London.

Suggest a name

Go to @humanforest_uk.

Comment under the post below with your suggestion.

We will send you a free ride code for:
7 days if we pick yours
24 hours for suggestions that make us smile
1 hour free for ALL OTHERS

Help us decide

Help us make the final decision by liking and replying to any comments that you like!

Give us a follow to see what names we're putting on the bikes (hopefully yours!)


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Terms and conditions

  1. Codes can only be used on the HumanForest app for HumanForest eBikes.
  2. Parking charges will still apply.
  3. Rides must be completed within stated time to avoid extra fees.
  4. Your free time begins immediately after the code is added to your HumanForest wallet.
  5. All codes expire 23.59 12th June 2022.
  6. This is in no way affiliated to Instagram.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse entries that we believe to be fraudulent. Fraudulent account indicators include fake names, no profile picture, no followers
  8. HumanForest makes final decision on competition winners.
  9. Having your names on an eBike is not an endorsement of HumanForest.
  10. Inappropriate entries will be deleted and not counted.
  11. Codes:
    7 Day Codes. Total of 100 issued to winning accounts. Once we contact you via Instagram direct messages, if we do not get a response within 24 hours the prize will be passed on. Only 1 allowed per account. Free minutes are activated as soon as the unique code is entered into the HumanForest app (Menu > Account > Plus next to Wallet). All codes are valid until the 12th June.

    24 Hour codes. Maximum of 1000 unique codes given out, HumanForest team has the sole decision about whether to distribute them or not dependant on the quality of entries. Only 1 allowed per user. Free minutes are activated as soon as the unique code is entered into the HumanForest all (Menu > Account > Plus next to Wallet).

    1 Hour codes. Given out to all other entries within 7 days of entering. Code must be used before the 12 June. User has 7 days to use the code after redeeming it in the HumanForest app. Only 1 allowed per user per nomination post.