HumanForest and Breez join forces to create a greener London

At HumanForest, we’re all about building a community, and bringing new partnerships to life really gets our wheels turning! We are therefore excited to announce our partnership with Breez Go, the mobile app helping people travel in a more sustainable, safe, and cost-effective way by providing a range of benefits to its users.

More free minutes

You already know that HumanForest and their partners provide you with 10 minutes of free rides each day. As a joint commitment to making cycling in London even more affordable and sustainable, HumanForest and Breez have partnered to provide Breez+ members with an additional 20 minutes of free e-bike rides each week.

Benefits for all

Dino Bertolis, Founder and CEO of Breez, expanded on the impact of this partnership:

“This partnership is a great example of how two innovative and forward-thinking companies can work together to create a better future for everyone. By reducing the affordability barriers to cycling, we are not only saving people money and improving their health, but creating better air quality for everyone in the city.

Michael Stewart, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing of HumanForest, added:

“Breez and HumanForest’s goals and ambitions for the future of transport are closely aligned and we’re incredibly excited about the impact this partnership can bring.”

Planting trees

Breez, having already planted over 700 trees, has taken its pledge to sustainability one step further by planting a tree for every 30 miles cycled by its users. Bertolis added “There’s something quite poetic about converting a human forest into a real forest. I hope this results in even more people opting to use a bike for their commutes.” 

Cheapest transport in London

We’re proud at HumanForest to already be one of the most affordable ways to travel around London. Breez’s complimentary weekly riding minutes are in addition to the 10 minutes of free rides that we provide daily for all users. As a result, there is unlikely to be a cheaper or more efficient way for Breez+ users to travel across the 13 London boroughs in which we operate.

Find out more about Breez by visiting or downloading the Breez Go app. Breez+ membership starts at £5.40 per month.

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