HumanForest and Deliveroo announce partnership to boost sustainable delivery across London

London’s first truly green micro-mobility firm has partnered with Deliveroo to offer delivery riders accessible and sustainable transport around the capital.
  • HumanForest has created an exclusive Deliveroo payment package, offering Deliveroo riders in large parts of Central London heavily discounted access to HumanForest e-bikes
  • Deliveroo riders in Central London will have access to the benefits of the partnership
  • The partnership is part of a larger drive by HumanForest to help London-based businesses adopt and further their uptake of clean and efficient modes of transport
  • This partnership will build on Deliveroo’s commitment to offer riders more sustainable and affordable mobility options

London, 13 January 2022: HumanForest has announced a new partnership with food delivery company, Deliveroo. The partnership offers Deliveroo riders a brand new and affordable payment model, to boost sustainable delivery across London on HumanForest’s innovative e-bike platform.

The partnership builds on Deliveroo’s mission to give customers the highest quality of choice and service whilst doing so in a sustainable way. The link-up also boosts HumanForest’s ambition to transform the way that people and businesses can access clean, green shared mobility solutions with their fully electric fleet and zero-emissions operation.

A new, innovative payment model has also created the most affordable and accessible e-bike solution in the capital for delivery riders and last-mile delivery. Deliveroo riders will have access to the green e-bike platform by purchasing bundles of minutes as and when they need them, for making deliveries or for leisure, tackling the upfront costs of privately purchasing electric bikes.

Throughout lockdown, home delivery services have seen a spike in popularity. It is hoped the partnership will allow more businesses and consumers to make sustainable trips around the capital, offering a truly green mobility solution.  

HumanForest announced in December last year that it will be launching the UK’s first fleet of shared e-mopeds as it seeks to revolutionise London’s micro-mobility market.

The partnership will commence immediately.

Laura Elms, Head of Sales & Partnerships at HumanForest, said: “This is a huge endorsement for HumanForest and a really important moment for Deliveroo riders. This partnership has been designed with delivery riders front and centre of mind, making access to affordable e-bikes a reality for them. The partnership will offer a sustainable and accessible platform which supports delivery riders whilst also bolstering our vision of a cleaner, greener world for all. We’re delighted to be working with Deliveroo and look forward to helping them and their riders achieve their own sustainability goals.”

Andy Batty, Director of Operations UK & Ireland at Deliveroo, said: “At Deliveroo, we are determined to do our bit to help protect the environment. We are pleased to partner with HumanForest to not only boost sustainable delivery in central London, but to allow riders to take advantage of more affordable, clean and efficient modes of transport across the capital.”

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