Say hello to the new eBike model in the HumanForest fleet

After taking on board lot's of your excellent feedback, we've added a new eBike model to the fleet, making our service even more sustainable and accessible.

London, 20 October 2022: This latest model of eBike offers HumanForest users a range of upgraded specs which improve accessibility, operational efficiencies, without compromising on safety and durability... oh and you'll be happy to know it's a much smoother ride.


  • Increased acceleration and smooth ride at all speeds;  
  • Lightweight eBike that is agile and manoeuvrable;
  • Prolonged battery range, reaching 100km per charge; and
  • Extended seat height accommodating a greater range of heights. 

This new eBike is agile and manoeuvrable, making it easy for you to handle, especially when parking. Although the maximum speed legally remains at 25 km/h, the streamlined weight translates to a quick start off the mark, making you feel the full enjoyment of an eBike.  

This latest evolution of eBike is designed to compete with consumer bikes in terms of rideability and the sleek aesthetic, and will appeal to an even wider audience and further encourage the behavioural change that is required to have a lasting positive impact on the environment and decarbonise cities. 

It is hoped the seat post, which has an increased height range, will accommodate a greater variety of people and improve the accessibility of its service. The comfort of the eBike has also been addressed, with a combination of spoked wheels, soft tyres and a thicker seat absorbing the impact from any bumps on London’s roads.

Thanks for all your feedback so far, these new eBikes are now active on the streets of London. If you take one for a ride then make sure to let us know how you got on!

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