How Stubble & Co Reached 1 million Commuters via Forest Ads

1/3 of Forest's rides take place during commuting hours, and what do commuters need? Tough, durable and multi-functional bags - so make way for the Stubble & Co x Forest partnership of dreams.

At the start of 2024, we had the pleasure of working with the team at Stubble & Co to deliver a 6 week campaign via our in-app advertising platform Forest Ads, which was reinforced with a collaborative social and CRM content schedule.

If you’re not familiar with Forest Ads, where have you been?! To give a very quick lowdown, Forest Ads has multiple different channels: 

  • Journey Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Map Ads 
  • Partner Perks (a one-stop shop for discounts from our partners) 

Which can all be mixed and matched to achieve your marketing hopes and dreams. 

Stubble & Co opted for a campaign which focused on our Journey and Video Ads, so we'll let the numbers below do the talking...

A further 220,000 commuters were reached via emails, push notifications and a comprehensive social media campaign.

Whilst the above is undeniably impressive (if we do say so ourselves), what makes Forest Ads stand out even further from the crowd is that it's a means for your marketing to have a tangible, positive environmental impact. Just check out Stubble & Co's impressive stats below!

We'd be surprised if these numbers haven't caught your attention, so if you want to take a further look at Stubble & Co's Case Study, feel free to do so below:

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