TreeCoin Market - Buy products with pedal power

A community of sustainably oriented companies, such as IKO Drinks, Alpaca Coffee and Eco Tooth will provide the first products available on the TreeCoin Market. We want to connect our eco-conscious users with our sustainable community of partners, furthering our positive impact. Sustainable lifestyle choices do not need to come at a price

Our TreeCoin Market does not accept money as you know it... but don't worry this isn't another ponzy crypto scheme.

This is fair, cycle more to get more.

Here's how it works. You cycle around London on HumanForest eBikes and we give you TreeCoins. You can then exchange your hard earned TreeCoins on the TreeCoin Market for a whole range of sustainable products.

Have a browse below to see the first products ever to be on the TreeCoin Market. Exciting!

These products are not cheap, in fact to get anything at all you have to put the miles in. BUT that what makes it so great. When you finally get enough TreeCoins to get a box of coffee or gelato sent to your house, you know damn well that you're going to enjoy it. After all, you literally bought it with your own hard work.

If I was you I would check your TreeCoin balance in the HumanForest app now, chances are you've built up some savings without even realising it.

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