Find out more about Forest's new Cycle to Work scheme

Save money and spread the cost of your commute with Cycle to Work with Forest - Forest bike's own Cycle to Work subscription.

What is Cycle To Work with Forest?

Cycle to Work with Forest lets users save EVEN more on their rides and works in the same way as other Cycle to Work schemes. It involves a salary sacrifice subscription that gives you 7 hours of credit per week, with unlimited free unlocks across all of our thousands of bikes in London.

How to get started (for employees)

  1. Sign up to Cycle to Work with Forest. If you're an employee, you can register your interest by filling out this form. A member of the Forest team will be in touch to confirm your subscription.
  2. Choose your Forest bike. Use the Forest app to hire one of our thousands of bikes across London.
  3. Enjoy your complimentary rides Enjoy up to 7 hours of riding a week with your subscription. If you go over your 7 hours a week allowance, don't worry, you can still ride our bikes by paying our standard Pay As You Go price of 29p per minute.

How to get started (for companies)

Are you a company interested in adding Cycle to Work with Forest as an employee perk? Simply fill out this form and a member of the Forest team will be in touch.

Why choose Cycle To Work with Forest?

It's affordable.

Riding a Forest bike and paying just £24 a month, means your daily commute to and from work could be as little as £1 a day - the cheapest way to get around London bar walking with your own two feet.

It's sustainable

Forest is a B-Corp and Verra validated company, and are the only shared e-bike company in London powered by 100% renewable energy. As well as reducing our own impact, we also have worked with charities such as The Rivers Trust and The Great Reserve to help improve environmental conditions across the UK.

It's the quickest way to get around

Unlike other modes of transport, our bikes are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, making us a great choice for anyone looking to get somewhere quick, anytime of day.

Our e-bikes reach speeds of 15.5mph - compared to the average speed of a car in London being 7mph, we're the speediest (and most fun!) way to get around.

Our bikes are easy to find

We have over 10,000 bikes across London with an operational zone twice the size of Santander Cycles. On average, you're only ever a two-minute walk from your nearest Forest bike.

It's healthy

Investing in your physical health will not only improve your quality of life, but it's also been found to help your motivation and overall productivity. Starting and ending your day with a bike ride is a simple way to build exercise into your day.

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