Shining the spotlight on Chile with “I am the Earth” documentary

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Did you know that 15% of the HumanForest team and two of our co-founders are from Chile? Or that Chile is the country that has demonstrated the best climate protection performance in Latin America? Or that it’s also the country with the largest marine protected area in the region?

Basically, Chile is doing big things when it comes to climate action, and we’re huge fans. 

So when Imagen de Chile, the country brand agency, got in touch to let us know about their documentary, we couldn’t wait to get involved. 

“Soy La Tierra” (or “I am the Earth” for those who’ve not kept up with their Duolingo), is a 45 minute documentary, and an urgent invitation from the global south to all of us across the world to act together on what is ultimately a global problem. 

All of us at HumanForest feel really passionately about raising the voices and stories of those living the realities of climate change, and it’s incredible to see the amount of dedication and innovation coming from our Chilean family. 

The documentary has already been screened at film festivals across the globe. It’s produced by the same team who brought us “Spencer”, and the direction was overseen by Maite Alberdi of the Oscar-nominated ‘‘The Mole Agent”. It features some incredible local activists and voices. It’s available to watch here on Prime Video from 24th March 2023. 

Urgente y colectiva. Urgent and for everyone.

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