New to Forest eBikes?

Become a pro by reading below!

Start your ride:

Locate your nearest eBike via the Forest app

Click ‘Scan QR Code’ on the app and capture the QR code on the bike

Click ‘Rent Now’ and off you go!

Enjoy your ride:

You can ride all across London, however, once you venture outside of the Forest (the red shaded area on the map once you’ve started your ride) you’ll enter a low-speed zone, which is just a gentle nudge to head back into the Forest

Park up:

Mandatory Parking Bays - you can find these in Camden, Westminster, Kensington & The City of London. Parking outside of these bays may result in a £5 penalty fine.

Preferred Parking Bays - ending your ride in a Preferred Parking Bay rewards you with an extra free minute of riding

Off Limits - these are No Parking Areas and therefore you’re not permitted to end your ride here. Leaving an eBike in a No Parking Area will be considered abandonment and will result in a £5 penalty fine.

End Ride:

Once you've parked responsibly, which means:

Allowing plenty of space for wheelchairs or buggies to pass

Not blocking crossings, entrances or accessibility ramps

Pulling the eBike backwards on to the stand

Click ‘End Ride’ and you will be prompted to take a photo of the eBike to provide evidence of good parking.

And your first Forest ride is as simple as that!

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