HumanForest welcomes allplants to the partnership community!

‍Plant and pedal power will be a force to be reckoned with in the sustainability charge!

London, 23 June 2022: We want to give a big hello to our new sustainably-minded partner, allplants! The vegan meal-prep delivery service helps you on your way to 5 a-day and become powered by plants. 

Their ethos is ‘Eat Plants. Save the world’... and it’s as easy as it sounds, as it removes the stress of having to decide what to eat throughout the day. From breakfast to dinner and all the delicious treats in between. 

allplants are our allies in making sustainability accessible, they help remove the pressure of striving to be the ‘perfect’ eco-warrior, which we all know can be pretty daunting.  In a similar way to us they encourage communities to make small, sustainable switches so we can all contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. 

We’re very excited by this partnership, our Sustainability Lead Laura Elms explains why: “We’re delighted to have allplants join the HumanForest partner community. There’s a great brand crossover between HumanForest and allplants, with shared missions around health and sustainability. What’s more, empowering consumers to make sustainable choices without feeling the pressure to be environmentally infallible is something we truly support.”  

Sustainability is the shared passion between allplants and us. Whilst we’re reducing CO2 levels through pedal power, eating just three plant-based meals per week could save 600kg of CO2 - that’s the same amount needed for a road trip to Egypt from London!

The team at allplants are offering you an exclusive discount of 25% off your order with the code HUMANFOREST - that’s dinner sorted for the next week! 

Explore their delicious meals here today

Plant and pedal power will be a force to be reckoned with in the sustainability charge!

Georgia, HumanForest

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