Find something in your basket? Kicking off the summer with... The Plant

We do things differently over here at HumanForest...

Over this summer we’re going to do something different every week. Something that will make you realise, HumanForest just does things differently. Gone are the days of boring ad campaigns, our only mission is to make you smile, so buckle up and enjoy :)

First up was The Plant

Our team of HumanForest Gardeners got up early and placed 100 plants in the basket of 100 bikes, ready for our users to collect. The plan was simple, riders would come and unlock their bikes and be greeted with a free plant and message from our Head of Sustainability Laura.

Jack, preparing the plants

Yes, we did this because it is a bit of fun. But there's also a serious message behind it. Not that many people know, but the reason we are called HumanForest is because we want to create a network of humans who are reducing CO2 in urban areas. Just like a forest does, when through photosynthesis it turns CO2 into oxygen.

The super important message

We don't want anybody to miss out so we have an extra 20 plants that we are giving away on our Instagram page, head over and get involved. We are going to be hand delivering the plants to the winners next week, so tag a friend and give us a follow.

So there we have it, that was The Plant, next up we have The Pitstop... which really is exactly as it sounds.

#WeAreHumanForest #WeAreDifferent

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