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At allplants we believe a happy and healthy planet starts on our plates. Plant-based plates to be exact. Plants can do so much more than we give them credit for – from health benefits, to long-term positive effects on the environment. There’s a lot of power in these little plants. That’s why our head chef and nutritionist spend weeks perfecting each allplants recipe, making sure love goes into every bite you take. Think of it as nutritious, delicious dishes that do good at the same time. There’s a seat for everyone at our table, so we’re giving you 25% off using code HumanForest when you checkout at

About allplants
allplants serves up chef-created, plant-based food full of flavour. Founded to make eating in your little planet at home good for the big one out there, each dish is flash-frozen to lock in nutritious flavour. From umami-drenched noodles to bright buddha bowls, or creamy bowls of pasta, allplants creates a dish to tingle every taste bud.

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