reForest with a can of IKÓ - the Energy Tea

The pick me up without the downsides
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About our Partnership
At IKÓ, we have a single, unified purpose. To regenerate the people and regenerate the planet. We do that by sourcing all our maté leaves from agroforestry plantations in Brazil. Never heard of agroforestry before? That's a land use management system where farmers grow their crops right in the middle of the forest. This protects existing rainforests and encourages new trees being planted so they can provide shade to growing IKÓ Maté plants. So every can of IKÓ gives a tree a job, and trees with jobs won’t get cut down.

Trees are a crucial part of our supply chain. We grow trees to make IKÓ, and we make IKÓ to grow trees.

IKÓ and HumanForest are tools for people to have a direct positive impact on our planet. That's why we love this partnership! So thanks for reForesting with your ride. Now get refreshed and reForest with a can of IKÓ.

About IKÓ
IKÓ is the pick me up drink without the downsides: sparkling maté tea. Maté is a South American brew... the long-awaited lovechild of tea and coffee! It's a leaf brewed into a tea with the kick of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate. It's a sweet, citrus taste with a herbal kick - nature's kick up the ass just when you need it.

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