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At, we are a team of dog lovers and owners working to change the world of pet food for good. In partnership with HumanForest, we are bringing happy, and healthy, choices home with tailored dog food. We achieve this by working with you to create food that supports your dog as they explore the world. Creating a tailor-made kibble recipe not only supports your dog today but also means your dog has a recipe that is optimised to care for every life stage. To complement your dog’s blend, you can select from a variety of delicious wet foods, treats and chews.Changing the world of pet food for good also means making things easier for pet owners. With a personalised feeding plan and adjustable portion scoop, your dog gets exactly what they need to thrive at meal times whilst also reducing waste. Everything is delivered to your door as part of a flexible subscription. So you never run out and your dog gets the consistent tailored diet they need.

At we are passionate about creating dog food that dogs love. We create tailor-made kibble recipes and work with dog owners to ensure that every dog has the nutritional support they need. Whether you have an excitable puppy or a young-at-heart oldie, there is a recipe for every dog at

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