£5 off your first Alpaca Coffee order for all HumanForest users!

£5 off your first Alpaca Coffee order
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About our partnership

HumanForest are delighted to be partnering with Alpaca Coffee, a speciality coffee brand on a mission to ask the coffee industry the awkward questions - like why is this packaging not plastic-free? And how could this coffee be better sourced? Alpaca Coffee have worked tirelessly to ensure that their coffee is of the highest ethical standards, 100% sustainable, and of course, completely delicious. Try it for yourself today - all HumanForest users receive £5 off their first order with the code FOREST5.

About Alpaca Coffee

A 1% for the Planet member, Alpaca Coffee source their coffee on a direct trade model, cutting out any middlemen in the supply chain and paying farmers fairer than fair trade prices. Their coffee is packaged in 100% plastic-free packaging.What started as a trip to South America for founder, Victoria, in 2020, turned into a quest to bring delicious coffee to people's homes. When Alpaca Coffee was born, it was her mission from the get-go to create a company that reflected the changes she wished to see in the world. Fun fact: the name Alpaca Coffee was inspired by a moment during the trip when Victoria came across a plain full of alpacas in Bolivia.

Visit Partner link: https://alpacacoffee.co.uk/

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