Receive extra free TreeCoins with HumanForest thanks to Huddle, a Coworking space by Romulus

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About our Partnership 

HumanForest and Romulus have partnered to encourage creative innovators based in West London to work with Huddle - one of the trendiest co-working spaces in our beautiful city!

The partnership is inspired by the many brand crossovers between Huddle and HumanForest - encouraging Londoners to change the way they move and work to lead happier, more purposeful existences. Huddle is giving its members 20 minutes free riding everyday to use to get to and from its workspaces!

Huddle has created a campus of flexible workspaces to help people and businesses be the best they can be. This partnership allows Huddle members discounted access to HumanForest minutes, as well as highlighting the amazing benefits of Huddle membership to the Hammersmith & Fulham community. 

To celebrate the partnership, Huddle is offering all riders ten free TreeCoins (ten minutes riding with HumanForest) with code JOINHUDDLE.

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