Yonder, the rewards credit card for Londoners

Epic rewards at some of London’s best restaurants, amazing travel insurance, no FX fees abroad and more.
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About our Partnership

Yonder and HumanForest are joining forces to help Yonder cardholders unlock their city in an affordable and sustainable way, by providing all Yonder cardholders with £10 HumanForest credit every month. Looking for a Yonder lunch? Whizz to and from the office with HumanForest! Heading to your next bar or dining experience? Impress your friends by travelling green! It's a match made with Londoner's in mind!

Offer valid until December 17th 2022.

About Yonder

Yonder is a modern lifestyle credit card offering members points to use at London’s best dining experiences including Kricket, The Water House Project, Korean Dinner Party and many more.

Packed with all of the modern essentials like live transaction notifications, virtual cards, no foreign exchange fees and a beautiful app, Yonder’s the perfect companion to the city adventurer.

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