20 minutes of free rides each week with the Breez Go app

Available to all Breez+ members
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About the partnership

HumanForest and Breez Go have partnered to provide Breez+ members with 20 minutes of free e-bike rides per week, making cycling in London even more affordable and accessible. This is in addition to the 10 minutes HumanForest and its partners generously provide all users at no cost each day.

The partnership reflects both companies' shared vision to promote sustainable and affordable travel options in the city. Breez Go's app offers various benefits to its users that help them travel in a greener, safer, and more cost-effective way. HumanForest’s fleet of e-bikes plays a crucial role in making that vision a reality.

About Breez Go

Breez Go is the mobile app that helps makes commuting greener, safer and more affordable. The app is free for all to download and provides benefits for you and the environment such as tree-planting and emissions offsetting as you drive and cycle.

Breez Go also offers a monthly low-cost subscription called Breez+ which unlocks exclusive benefits for you, and supercharges your contribution to the environment.

Some benefits of joining the Breez+ community:

🌳1 tree planted for every 100 miles driven or 30 miles cycled

🌱Carbon-neutral driving with 100% emissions offset

🚲 Free e-bike hire in London with HumanForest

🚗🚗 £30 cash back annually on your MOT

Breez+ is now available in the UK and starts at £5.40 per month. For more information download the Breez Go app or visit https://getbreez.org.

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